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University of Wyoming


University of Wyoming in the Press

University of Wyoming Drinking collaborative establishes guidelines-7/8/11 Representatives from 32 colleges and universities meet in the newly formed Collaborative on High-Risk Drinking, including Duke University ---- More information on the Learning Collaborative at  http://www.nchip.org/
University of Wyoming University of Wyoming addresses alcohol use by students after 8 killed in Sept. 2001 crash-9/16/11 “In 2002, the university started a coalition with the Laramie community that addresses alcohol issues. And since 2007, every new UW student must participate in an online alcohol education program before being allowed to register for classes. Students also are put through workshops, training sessions and orientation programs that plainly detail the risks of alcohol abuse.”
University of Wyoming Wyoming remembers 8 students killed 10 years ago-9/16/11 On 9/16/11, “eight members of the University of Wyoming cross country team were killed when their SUV was hit by a truck driven by a fellow student, who was driving drunk.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of Wyoming Students

David Schmitt, 22, May 7, 2011, University of Wyoming How and why? David lost his life while descending the upper deck of War Memorial Stadium in Laramie around midnight.  David and another student entered the stadium area to climb the structure.  The two previously attended a party where authorities attributed alcohol consumed contributed to the risky endeavors.
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Federal Law addressing campus drinking

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