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Yale University in the Press

Yale University 4 Campuses Respond to Risky Drinking-12/4/14 “Administrators are trying to bring people on the decentralized campus together to discuss alcohol problems, enforce rules, and encourage students to seek help.”
Yale University Mixology Classes, Cash, and Other Creative Ways Colleges Combat Binge-Drinking-3/28/14 Free bartending classes-The Yale College Dean’s Office offers free bartender training and certification to all undergraduates–no matter their age.”
Yale University Reconcile alcohol policy-2/17/14 “It’s hard not to laugh at the competing messages of reality and legality, and they speak to larger issues with the drinking age and University life. But it’s a problem that these juxtaposed policies make applying Yale’s alcohol training less likely, because the abuse and dangerous consumption of alcohol is still a problem among undergraduates.”
Yale University Yale Pursuit of Alcohol Safety Threatens Bar Once Featuring Bono-1/15/14 “Off-campus bars like Toad’s complicate university efforts to crack down on alcohol, as they fall outside the range of campus police. Bar owners say they provide an important role in enhancing student social life.”
Yale University Yale Tries to Clarify What Sexual Misconduct Is in a New Guide-9/13/13 ““Jamie and Cameron are at a party,” begins one of the hypothetical situations. “It is crowded on the dance floor and they are briefly pressed together. Later, Jamie encounters Cameron in the hallway and smiles. Cameron, who is now very drunk, follows Jamie into the bathroom and forces Jamie to have sex.” “
Yale University Estate Sues For Negligence After Accidental Yale Bowl Death-4/5/13 Aftermath of alumus death after struck by truck on student beer run
Yale University Yale Moves To Combat 'Historic' Sexual Misconduct Rates-3/23/13 “Although my sense is that women tend to feel safe on campus and have increased confidence in the university's handling of sexual assault reports, the problem of campus sexual assault at Yale is significant and troubling,"
Yale University Ivies tighten alcohol policies-1/24/13 “Administrators and students said they have noticed a shift away from direct disciplinary approaches toward more creative educational programs, but students at four schools said the recent policies have targeted alcohol usage at the expense of Greek life.”
Yale University Arrest made in deadly 2011 Yale tailgating crash-5/5/12 “Police have said Ross was driving the rented truck carrying beer kegs through the popular tailgating area before the football game when witnesses saw the vehicle turn a corner and speed up, striking three women. Thirty-year-old Nancy Barry of Salem, Mass., was fatally injured in the crash.”
Yale University Tailgate victim sues driver, U-Haul-4/1/12 “One of the accident’s survivors, claimed she had sustained a number of “severe painful and obvious injuries” from the crash and sued for at least $15,000.”
Yale University Students split over tailgate changes-1/20/12 Several student views of effect of keg and large-sized vehicle ban.
Yale University Yale Bans Kegs At University Events-1/20/12 “Yale University has established new rules for tailgating in the wake of the November death of a woman during the Yale-Harvard football game.  The new rules ban kegs of beer at all Yale athletic events or functions.”
Yale University Tailgate Review Begun at Yale-12/1/11 Harvard student article---“ Harvard students have come to expect laxer tailgating rules in New Haven, where kegs, U-Hauls, and hard liquor—all banned at Harvard—are tailgate staples. Yale tightened its rules this year, requiring tailgate attendees to show IDs and wear wristbands attesting to their legal drinking age before they could be served alcohol.”
Yale University Fallout from fatal tailgate crash unclear-11/21/11 “Two days after a U-Haul truck ran over three people at the Harvard-Yale tailgate Saturday, killing one and injuring the other two, the causes and legal implications of the crash remain unclear.  The incident, which killed 30-year old Nancy Barry of Salem, Mass., appeared to be the result of a “vehicle malfunction.””
Yale University STERN: A spooky Parents’ Weekend-10/31/11 “But Yale is guilty of some degree of hypocrisy. While scheduling Parents’ Weekend around Halloween, the Yale administration sent out a single email warning students to be extra careful at this most festive of occasions. While the Yale administration apparently manipulated the arrival of our parents, they still gave money for parties to be thrown in numerous designated party suites. And while freshmen were subjected to numerous discussions about drinking and drugs during Camp Yale, our safety net has apparently been replaced with a shroud of silence.”
Yale University Drinking collaborative establishes guidelines-7/8/11 Representatives from 32 colleges and universities meet in the newly formed Collaborative on High-Risk Drinking, including Duke University ---- More information on the Learning Collaborative at  http://www.nchip.org/
Yale University Study Looks At College Kids, Binge Drinking-4/3/11 Study at Yale plus two other schools—“Among the findings that have come out of the BARCS study so far:-----•Binge drinking hurts academic performance the first year of college but after that has no effect.----•Social drinkers do better on memory tasks than their teetotaling classmates, but the binge drinkers do worse than both.-----•Female students are more likely to take part in binge drinking than males. Raskin, though, says this might in part be due to terminology. In the field of alcohol research, "binge drinking" means five drinks on one occasion for males and four drinks for females.”
Yale University Policy in the works to encourage drunk UNH students to seek help-8/25/10 “Other New England schools that have a Good Samaritan Policy include the University of Vermont, University of Maine, Boston University, Yale University, Brown University and Dartmouth College.”
Yale University Does Yale have a drinking problem?-2/15/10 Student article“The past year has seen a record number of alcohol-related hospitalizations, as well as a police crackdown on underage purchases at nearby liquor stores. The alarming trend peaked tragically on Halloween weekend with the death of Branford College sophomore Andre Narcisse ’12” 

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving Yale University Students

Andre Narcisse, 19, November 1, 2009, Yale University   How and why? Andre was found unresponsive in his suite at Branford College, one of the Yale's residential colleges.  His death was shown to be caused by multiple drug toxicity, which may include alcohol.
Nancy Barry, 30, November 19, 2011, Yale University More Information Nancy lost her life when struck by a truck driven by a fraternity member who was pressured to bring beer to his tailgating fraternity brothers at the Yale Bowl prior to the Yale/Harvard game.
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