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College drinking practices are unacceptable. What is the solution?
Entry for August 15, 2007 Creator of compelled to act would like your feedback

As is likely apparent to anyone who has reached so far as to find this blog, the goal of this site is an attempt to encourage discussion concerning underage and excessive drinking practices on college campuses. This site may or may not be effective towards this end, but it seems to be generating a fair amount of interest.

For those who have visited the federal law section of the site, my primary goal is also apparent. There needs to be additional referrals to the US Department of Education regarding campus environments where there is not a real effort to provide maximum opportunity for students to experience an alcohol free environment as required by the well written federal law. There does not need to be another senseless tragedy to warrant such a referral or for parents to take other appropriate action.

I would appreciate any comments as to whether this is a worthwhile objective. If you wish to make contact, but not through the blog, please email at Also, use this email if difficulty is encountered posting a message on the blog.

Kristine's Dad

2007-08-16 01:49:58 GMT
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