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College drinking practices are unacceptable. What is the solution?
Entry for August 26, 2007-Beginning of the Fall 2007 semester


These weeks mark the beginning of another academic year. Students are arriving at campuses, most with similar hopes as their parents as being an opportunity to build a bright future. Many come with a secondary objective--party time. In CompelledToAct there is a sad listing of recent deaths on or near campus. The list was started last spring when the web was used to locate prior tragedies and news alerts to inform me of those more recent. Once the alerts began arriving, I was stuck by their frequency, and the sad listing grew week by week and even day by day.

Currently the separate listing for fall 2007 is mostly blank. However, inevitably and sadly it will expand. Who in anticipation of a bright future will have the opportunity cut short? Already, one fatality at Bradley University has been added. Sheridan Dahlquist was preparing for the fall soccer season when tragedy stuck as result of a teammate’s prank after a night of drinking.

As with other tragedies, a review is necessary of the university and team rules related to alcohol and how strictly those rules were enforced. Did tragedy strike dispute the exercise of all reasonable efforts to limit control such behavior? This is the base question which requires addressing in all such tragedies as we call for colleges and universities to be accountable for student safety. has been active since early July. Given that I am a novice in website development, notice was made of many inadequacies as to ease of use. This morning, changes were made which hopefully enhances the accessibility.

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Stephen Guest

2007-08-26 15:39:58 GMT
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I agree that college drinking is an enormous problem which absolutely should be addressed and solved in some appropriate way. However, there are deaths of college students on your site which you call "alcohol related" which either are not are can't be proven as such.
No one has ever released official information that Nicholas Garza was drinking before his body was tragically found in Otter Creek in Middlebury, Vermont. I believe that it is a disservice at best to Mr Garza - who is not here to contradict this - to suggest that his death was "alcohol related."
In the terrible disappearance and murder of Michelle Gardner-Quinn, I have not heard this so-called connection in any other source. Ms. Quinn was murdered by a sexual predator, and I find it disgusting that you suggest that her death was "alcohol related."
I understand your concern, but blaming victims won't bring them back or bring peace to their families.
--blackening their memory?
2008-11-03 17:59:16 GMT
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