Parents and Others-Compelled to Act
College drinking practices are unacceptable. What is the solution?
Family and Friends-Unite - September 11, 2007

Once directly affected by the campus alcohol related tragedy, friends and families often become active in spreading awareness about the problems. While these efforts are meaningful, change can become more wide spread and long-lived if we operated in coordination.

Those who believe change is necessary should consider combining efforts, even in an informal way primarily exchanging ideas and successes. We all have a distinct primary focus, which combined can make a real difference.

As evident in, my goal is to raise general awareness, most specifically with regards to the unenforced federal law. If my referral is the only one that Washington receives, then the US Department of Education will soon forget about their statutory responsibility as they had for the past seventeen years.

While I firmly believe that the above effort can have a positive effect, I also realize that many other efforts are valuable and necessary. If you have a desire to share experiences and gradually combine efforts leading towards a common goal, please respond to this blog or confidentially to

Stephen Guest

PS-You do not have had suffered a direct personal tragedy to join, especially since you’ve obviously conclude to act now, before events leave you no choice.

2007-09-11 19:41:05 GMT
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To the Guests:
Thank you for creating such an outlet to increase the awareness of how many young lives are lost each year. I grew up with Laura since I was five years old and that tragic day last August broke my heart. I am deeply sorry for all the pain you have endured since the loss of your beautiful daughter. I just wanted to ask for your permission to pass this site onto Mr. and Mrs. Shanks, I know they will be very comforted to know that there are people out there who care, who know that the media stories are not always right and justice is not always a guarantee.

Warm Regards
2007-10-11 18:46:42 GMT
I just read the the article on the verdict from the state district court's order against the Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Folks, these events have not stopped. I work security at thr location of the incident. I have to baby sit this kids because they are still drinking. APD is not called because they would probably be there every day of the week but for sure on Friday and Saturday nights. God help us.
2008-10-24 19:02:30 GMT
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2008-11-10 04:39:15 GMT

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