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Colleges' Responsibility for Student Safety


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Invigorating a well-written federal law

Drug free Schools and Communities Act

Initiative To Reduce Binge Drinking and Illegal Alcohol Consumption



"The institution should provide maximum opportunities for students to live in an alcohol-free environment and to engage in stimulating, alcohol-free recreational and leisure activities."


The federal statute as enacted-Collegiate Initiative To Reduce Binge Drinking and Illegal Alcohol Consumption. 

Outline of Significant Provisions

What the law should mean and why it is not effective-Law Summary and the failures in implementation

Compliance guide for Colleges and Universities

"The Importance of Enforcing Alcohol Rules" published in the Chronicle of Higher Education, June 1, 2007.

Colleges that do not comply with Federal law

Governmental Failure to Enforce Failure to Enforce Federal Law to Protect Students-Confirmed-see IG Report-3/14/12

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Concerned about the drinking culture on campuses?

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Colleges' Responsibility for Student Safety 
Circumstances Leading to Fatal Crash