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Update--Governmental Failure to Enforce Failure to Enforce Federal Law to Protect Students-Confirmed-see IG Report-3/14/12


 Collegiate Initiative To Reduce Binge Drinking and Illegal Alcohol Consumption

1989 Congress first called on colleges and universities to address underage and excessive drinking on campuses.  Seeing little progress towards that goal, Congress included the following "Sense of the Congress" in its 1998 reauthorization of the act:

It is the sense of Congress that, in an effort to change the culture of alcohol consumption on college campuses, all institutions of higher education should carry out the following:

‘‘(1) The president of the institution should appoint a task force consisting of school administrators, faculty, students, Greek system representatives, and others to conduct a full examination of student and academic life at the institution. The task force should make recommendations for a broad range of policy and program changes that would serve to reduce alcohol and other drug-related problems. The institution should provide resources to assist the task force in promoting the campus policies and proposed environmental changes that have been identified.

‘‘(2) The institution should provide maximum opportunities for students to live in an alcohol-free environment and to engage in stimulating, alcohol-free recreational and leisure activities.

‘‘(3) The institution should enforce a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on the illegal consumption of alcohol by students at the institution.

‘‘(4) The institution should vigorously enforce the institution’s code of disciplinary sanctions for those who violate campus alcohol policies. Students with alcohol or other drug-related problems should be referred for assistance, including on-campus counseling programs if appropriate.

‘‘(5) The institution should adopt a policy to discourage alcoholic beverage-related sponsorship of on-campus activities. It should adopt policies limiting the advertisement and promotion of alcoholic beverages on campus.

‘‘(6) The institution should work with the local community, including local businesses, in a ‘Town/Gown’ alliance to encourage responsible policies toward alcohol consumption and to address illegal alcohol use by students.

With such an effectively written statute with significant consequences for noncompliance, why have campus drinking practices not only failed to moderate, but seems to be getting more extreme and pervasive on campuses? The answer is found in the following links:

What the law should mean and why it is not effective-Law Summary and the failures in implementation

"The Importance of Enforcing Alcohol Rules" published in the Chronicle of Higher Education, June 1, 2007.

The full Statute-Drug Free Schools and Communities Act as it relates to College Campuses

Colleges that do not comply with Federal law

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