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Governmental Failure Enforcing Federal Law Addressing Campus Drinking Practices

A report issued on March 14, 2012, by the US Department of Education's (ED) Inspector General confirmed prior findings of ED's failure to enforce the statute addressing campus alcohol excess (see links to the law below) for surely the past 12 years and most likely for the 22 years since passage in 1989.  This failure has allowed the devastating effect on campus environment, student safety and student health which has grown worse over the years given the growing excess of alcohol use by students.  

Federal Law Status of Enforcement
  Inspector General's Report confirming ED's lack of enforcement-3/14/12   What the law should mean and why it is not effective
  Executive Summary   Compliance Guide for Colleges and Universities
  Statute,  Sense of the Congress and Regulations   "The Importance of Enforcing Alcohol Rules"
  Congressional Request  for Review-12/30/10 and IG's 2012 Annual Plan-see pg 12   Colleges that do not comply with Federal law
  Outline of Significant Provisions   Compelling the Federal Government to Act
  Invigorating a well-written federal law   Also see:        Status-Related Civil Law

Student tragedy that led to questioning Ed's enforcement


"The institution should provide maximum opportunities for students to live in an alcohol-free environment and to engage in stimulating, alcohol-free recreational and leisure activities." (From the Sense of the Congress)

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