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Community Action


How does college drinking relate to community action?  Virtually every college president will state that what occurs on campus is a product of what society gives them.  This is very true in relation to drinking practices on or near campuses.  Too many incoming students approach the college experience with the view that this is the time for uncontrolled drinking.  By allowing this attitude to prevail, these so-called "beer bullies"  set the tone for the full class and their practices become prevailing campus culture.

Therefore, to effectively confront campus drinking in the long-term, attitudes must be changed from middle school forward.  While effecting the emerging practices and attitudes of adolescents is critical, this can not be accomplished without changing the attitudes of adults.  Too many adults view underage drinking as a right of passage and go so far as to sanction house parties serving alcohol for high school students.  As well as being inherently risky, the practice violates the rights of parents who would not wish for their children to attend such a party.  Every parent has the right to make responsible choices for their children, but should not be making these types of decisions for others.

Therefore community awareness and action is required by a coalition of responsible adults within every community. This includes parents, educators, law enforcement, judges, counselors, local and state officials, and the alcohol distribution industry. 

Below provides information on our efforts within our community, West Hartford, CT.  Please use these thoughts to become involved in your community before events leave you with no choice.

Town ordinance addressing defect in Connecticut state statutes

Town Council Resolution regenerating awareness of ordinance

Public Access Television messages

Participation with the West Hartford Commission on Substance Abuse

Community of Concern

Inception of Community of Concern-Yasmin Shenoy,An Independent Study

Illinois Parents guilty of permitting underage drinking


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Information on Federal Law addressing campus drinking

ACT NOW-Before Events Leave You With No Choice

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