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Photos taken by NYS Police on the morning of February 6, 2005 at Paul Smith's College

View from area of file to campus showing dormitory where Director of Residence Life Marra slept while party and snowmobile riding continued after she determined not to take any action but assumed the witnessed activities ended.  Note the still smoldering bon fire.
View from campus boat landing located within feet of dorms and other campus buildings with bon fire remains nearby.  While the lake is owned by NYS, most of the surrounding land is owned by Paul Smith's College
Fatal path----Area is Paul Smith College owned property visible across the lake in the photo directly above this one.   Subsequently, this area and the rebuilt lean too was the scene of a party in May, 2007, in which two Paul Smith Students drowned while in a canoe going to or from the party.
Damaged snowmobile and lean too.
Bottles and other debris around the bon fire site.


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Circumstances Leading to Fatal Crash
Full Circuit Court Decision
Governmental Failure to Enforce Failure to Enforce Federal Law to Protect Students-Confirmed-see IG Report-3/14/12