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Resolution adopted by the West Hartford Town Council-February 14, 2006


Whereas, the Town Council wishes to exercise its leadership in addressing the prevailing drinking culture developed during the adolescent years and which manifest it on college campuses.

 Whereas, much of the early exposure to such practices occurs in house parties both sanctioned and unsanctioned by the home owner,

 Whereas, over 1,400 college-aged students die each year in alcohol related incidents, with West Hartford residents suffering more than its share of such loss in the recent past.  

Whereas, the Town Council recognizes that failure to aggressively address the prevalence of underage drinking will be viewed as an unconscionable act, if and when another drinking related tragedy occurs within Town,

 Whereas, the Town Council in 2003 passed a social host ordinance to address the flaws in Connecticut Statutes related to social host enforcement,

 Whereas, the Town Council wishes to create an environment where house parties with non-occupant underage drinking is a rarity rather than the norm and the youth from West Hartford approach the college experience with a view that all social activates need not revolve around alcohol,

 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Town Manager (or Public Safety Committee and Town Council) work together with our Police and School Administrators to review effectiveness of ordinance, including encouraging citizen reporting of suspect house parties, police department’s response to such parties, assisting the Town’s college communities with enforcing underage drinking laws, and providing to the public information to increase continued awareness of such enforcement while meeting privacy obligations.

 ADDIONALLY,  NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Town Council expresses it support for effective State social host legislation during the 2006 legislature session.

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