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Tragic results of drinking practices learned in communities



The following message was published in area newspapers and repeated periodically on the community's public access television station with a goal of increasing awareness:


Mayor Slifka and the Town Council urge you to remember during this holiday season that Connecticut law prohibits the use and/or possession of alcohol by minors on private property.  Adults who control premises where underage drinking knowingly occurs are also subject to arrest under Connecticut law.  

 The Police Department intends to enforce this ordinance with the goal of protecting our young people by reducing the incidence of underage drinking within West Hartford.

 To report any gathering where underage drinking is evident, please call the West Hartford Police Department at 523-5203.  If you are aware of a planned gathering where underage drinking will likely occur or of a similar recent event, an anonymous report can be made to THE D.A.R.T. BOARD (Drug and Alcohol Reporting Telephone) by calling 523-2002 ext. 8844.

 Please dont look the other way.  Help make West Hartford a Community of Concern by speaking out and working together to keep young people safe.


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