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Pictures to Bring the Tragic Story to Life

The Accident that Did Not Need to Happen


Mary, Joshua, Amanda, & Kristine-At Saranac Lake Winter Carnival-Friday Evening-2/5/05


Amanda, Mary, & Kristine-Friday Evening-2/5/05

Little Italy Restaurant, Saranac Lake

Dinner-Friday Evening-2/5/05


Paul Smith's College Entrance

Winter View from Campus to Peter's Rock-Feb 07


Spring-time View from Campus to Peter's Rock-May 05

Paul Smith's College from Above

Bonfire was 200 yards from campus-in view of Clinton Dorm and Main area of campus near lake


Campus Map-Significant buildings noted below in bold

Satellite View of St. Regis Lake

Peninsula called Peter's Rock is Directly across campus-largely hidden by clouds

(Link to Google's Maps)

  3 - Joan Weill Adirondack Library
4 - Pickett Hall
5 - Statler Hospitality Center (Cantwell Hall)
25 - Student Center
12 - Clinton Hall
13 - Franklin Hall
14 - Essex Hall
15 - Lambert House
16 - Lakeside Hall
17 - Lydia Martin Smith Hall

18 - Livermore Hall
19 - Currier Hall
20 - Saratoga Hall
21 - Hillside Hall
22 - Alumni Hall
  Peter's Rock-Snowmobile struck  about 1/3rd from tip of peninsula on far side.

Peter's Rock at bottom, across from campus, approximately 700 yards from boat launch in center of cleared area in front of large building (Joan Weill Adirondack Library).  Clinton dorm is second building to left of library.   Bonfire was 200 yards directly in front of boat dock (and Library), between campus and Peter's Rock.

Clinton Dorm-Lake Side-May 05


Clinton Dorm-From Back-Feb. 07

Old Lean Too-After snowmobile landed on top


Old Lean Too-Demonstrating damage from accident


Peter's Rock view towards campus-May 05


Reconstructed Lean Too-Memorial to Lost Friends-May 05

Peter's Rock-5/07-Kristine was found at base of the tree, Joshua was found on the frozen lake


Adirondack Medical Center

Plaque and Rose Placed on Tree- Peter's Rock-May 05


Kristine and Joshua



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