Recent Articles-College Drinking Culture

Paying the price for drinking-11/15/09

Provides descriptive details of the alcohol culture at Virginia Tech

List of Alcohol related student deaths

Most College Alcohol Arrests at VT-11/16/09 Virginia  Tech's citations for alcohol violations exceed other VA schools--More violations or just better enforcement?-Good companion with above article


The 21-Year-Old Drinking Age: I Voted for It; It Doesn't Work-8/18/09

Author reflects on 1970's experiment with age 18 drinking age and its consequences.

In Loving Memory of Kristine Guest 

Smoking and alcohol consumption at age 15 Study of youth drinking, along with other countries.  Chart demonstrates that those European coutries with an age 18 legal drinking age do not have the answer


Hazing is nothing new, with accounts going back to the time of Plato-11/29/09 Describes 10 hazing events with tragic consequences dating to 1912  

Binge Drinking and Its Consequences Up Among American College Students-6/16/09

Consider this statistic-"More than 97,000 students between the ages of 18 and 24 are victims of alcohol-related sexual assault or date rape."       Provides other facts regarding the consequences

Federal law to alter campus drinking practices

Team-Color Bud Cans Leave Colleges Flat-8/21/09

Budweiser's creative marketing-Beer cans with team colors  
Underage Drinking Rises at Fairfield, Follows National Trend-12/9/09 Trends and enforcement at Fairfield University and similar institutions.  Addressed overall question of how diligent is enforcement.  

Tufts enforcing BYOB policy at fraternities-11/5/09

Tufts' BYOB "solution" to excessive and underage drinking at frat parties  

Freshmen Hospitalizations Reach Unprecedented Levels-11/5/09

Bryn Mawr article confirming the risks to incoming freshman.  Valuable message to increase awareness.  

Recent crimes upset sense of safety on campuses-10/28/09

Reports on Cleary Report crime statistics at various colleges  

Keg-Standing up for the Greeks-9/29/09

Keg culture at Dartmouth, from a student.  

PSU drinking culture is quite an education-10/2/09

Former Penn State student reflects on recent death at Penn State and her time there.  

College drinking: Students don't think beyond 'Friday night'


Rider students: School has become big brother after booze death-9/25/09

One university's reaction to a highly publicized death and their students' reaction to their measures.  

Heavy-drinking Colleges Showing No Improvements-9/11/09

Reports on study in Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs covering drinking practices in contrast to the 1990's.  

Parents need to temper anxiety with trust-9/19/09

Article dealing with risks their children will encounter on campuses.  

College transition can bring pressure to drink-9/18/09

Cautionary article for incoming students and suggestions for parents.  

Bradley touts success of alcohol awareness plan-7/16/09

Effect of Bradley University's new policies instituted after two student deaths  

University leaders to try new approach to curb drinking-7/28/09

Efforts by North Dakota State University to address recognized problem  

Students and alcohol: Not a smart mix-7/30/09

Missouri offers tips on practices and safety measures.  

OU strives to counter its 'party school' rank-Campus survey finds drop in binge drinking-7/28/09

The annual party school list and Ohio Universitiy's steps to change its reputation.  

Colleges address alcohol abuse-8/16/09

Pre-semester awareness in Mississippi.  

KU enacting new alcohol policies to contend with buzz factor-Campus deaths incite change-8/18/09

University of Kansas' reaction to  recent tragedies.  
KU to require most students to take class on alcohol-8/17/09 After recent tragedies, University of Kansas works to increase awareness.  
Underage drinking hinders freshmen, college experience-8/21/09 Student at Appalachian State University urges caution for incoming freshmen.  

2.1.2. Drunkenness among 15-year-olds, 200506

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