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What College Presidents do not want you to know


John McCardell, Past President of Middlebury College in Vermont:

"What your College Presidents Didn't Tell You"

Click here for Opt Ed article in New York Times

"Changing the Drinking Age"
Story aired on Boston Public Radio News Magazine-"Here and Now" on April 11, 2007

Along with comments related to his ill-conceived proposal to lower the minimum drinking age to 18, Professor McCardell offers his view concerning the inevitability of campus drinking and his apparent lack of will in seriously making an attempt.  Compelling is his chuckle upon the mention of “Lion’s Market”, apparently a steady source for alcohol to be brought onto campus.  The link to the broadcast is:


President John Mills, Paul Smith’s College:

“Over-21 students can be pipeline for campus alcohol abuse”

In a North Country Public Radio segment aired June 19, 2007, President Mills provides his views of the inevitability of campus drinking while addressing issues that contributed to 5 campus related deaths in a little over two years. 

Click here to read the transcript.


Do you know that there is a federal law that calls upon colleges and universities to “provide maximum opportunities for students to live in an alcohol-free environment and engage in stimulating, alcohol-free recreational and leisure activities?” 

This charge is in the sections of the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act which pertain to colleges and universities which ties compliance into federal funding, including federal financial aid.  To learn more about how the lack of effective enforcement has rendered led college presidents such as John McCardell and John Mills to remain indifferent to underage and excessive drinking on campus.

Click here to learn more about what should be an effective law to alter drinking practices on campuses.


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