Celebrating and Remembering Kristine


Kristine's Dogs, Muffy  (Bichon Frise) & Lance (Westie)





Pedigree name

Sir English Muffin

Sir Lancelot





Always gentle as a lamb

Alpha dog in early years, calmed down as he aged


Did not exhibit much

Very aware of what was going on and signs of routines


Always good natured and seemingly satisfied with his current situation wherever he was (except when ill)

Always knew when he was unhappy, either through his face or actions, such as hovering over his bowl or retreating to the back of his crate.  Always wanted to be someplace other than where he was, unless getting a belly rub.


Very athletic, leap onto WH deck between polls

No jumping ability, often had difficulty coordinating back legs, eg. Going from WH deck to sunroom


Barked, but do not remember to be a nuisance

Labeled as nuisance early on by neighbor, used growl to both show displeasure and well being, but often misunderstood

Reaction when stepped upon

Loud yelp

Aggressive sounding growl, often misinterpreted as a pending attack, it just was his way of saying “Hey look out!”

Favorite human contact

Pet behind the ears

Belly rubs

House accidents

Long training and many incidences, often just walking by something or someone and lifting his leg.  Miserable situation during last months

Well trained when he joined us, virtually no accidents until recently when for some reason he decided the corner of the furnace room was fair game for No. 1.  Was good to the end.


Place to be and most excited during packing up time

Place to be and most excited and anxious during packing up time

Paddleboat demeanor

Sat steadily on from hump, very much the captain, had to retrieve after falling in one time-Loved it

Could not trust without leash and sitting on the hump.  He found his own position by laying across the hump and was perfectly happy—love it and look forward to “boat rides”

In the water

Very weary after falling in as a pup

Loved the water, but not comfortable over his head but could handle it.  Spent hours fishing.

Disconcerting moment at lake

Fell off deck and walked away

Multiple bee stings as puppy, recovered after some intense moments

At play

Hide and seek

Love his toys and initiated play, imitated our keep away efforts


Let loose in Fern Park and Bugbee woods

Let loose in Fern Park and Bugbee woods, quickly adopted to Muffy and my routine in Bugbee woods

Bugbee adventure

Lost sight of him on snow day and when heading home to get help for the search, found that he made it to Porter Dr. on his own, following the routine

Adventure when rushing stream isolated him on wrong side of stream

Relationship with Nathan

Can be said to have been his dog

Somewhat indifferent relationship

Relationship with Kristine

She loved him to pieces and Muffy responded in kind

She loved him to pieces even during Jurassic period and Lance responded in kind.  Most enjoyable moments was Kristine’s high pitched “Lancie, Lancie” when she came home and him jumping all over her

Relationship with Julie

They grew up together

Initial bonding efforts by Julie lasted until the end.   Julie was his favorite and his eyes always lit up when he heard “Julie’s coming home”

Relationship with Mom

Mom was effectively his mom and took care of him and gave him appropriate latitude

Difficult relationship, more of toleration especially after he chewed up her high heel, she still mothered him

As dad’s sunroom and walking companion



Reaction to strangers

No overt responses in individuals appearing, very anxious when in large crowds

Aggressive reaction when strangers suddenly appear in his home areas, attacked bikers and runners


Long and painful for all.  Had many months when thing were not right—with Julie at time

In failing health but mostly still the same, but slower Lance.  Had 1 ˝ days of terrible seizures-Mom and Dad present

Final resting place

Choice spot in front of hardwood tree

Next to Muffy-Both RIP