Celebrating and Remembering Kristine


Kristine, and Siblings, Nathan & Julie Together

Kristine with Brother Nathan

Kristine with Sister Julie

Kristine and her Mother

Kristine with Mother & Father

Kristine with Father


Kristine with Grandfather Erasmus

Kristine with Guest Grandparents

Kristine with Great Grandmother Frances Savina

Kristine with “Erasmus” Cousins

Kristine with Noda Cousins

Birthdays through the Years


Kristine's Early Years  Braeburn years Ballet & the Nutcracker Kristine's Middle School Years/Sedgwick Musical Kristine-Flute in Band High School Years

The Proms Kristine's 18th birthday party At Simmons College-2002 to 2003 At Quinnipiac-2003 to 2005    


On Vacation

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Photo Sittings

With Muffy & Lance    
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Collages produced in 2005 by Friends & Family