Dad’s morning exercise the day after the funeral


Friday, February 11, 2005


This morning, the day after we buried Kristine, I prepared for my morning run with Kristine’s Westie pal, Lancey.  In planning the run, I considered between a shorten route or our standard path through the Bugbee woods.  Stepping outside, I saw blue sky, where my expectation was that cloudy conditions were inevitable until my sister and her family took off for their return to California on Saturday morning.*   My plans changed to Fernridge Park to allow more time under the expansive sky. 


As I crossed the bridge facing east leading to the pond, the full sun had just cleared the horizon and was in the space between the horizon and the strip of clouds that somehow always seems to be present just above the horizon. 


The sun shone on the pond just like the sun had shone on Lower St. Regis Lake last Sunday morning.  It was as if God was showing the pathway for Kristine and Joshua to Heaven. Or was it the path?


Remarkably, if I had crossed the bridge five minute earlier or later, that beautiful and encouraging site would not now be forever in my memory.



*My bother-in-law, Wayne, rarely has seen the sun in his many trips to New England.  He believes our claims of crystal blue skies are in the same category as “it never rains in Bermuda”.


A message for Kristine and her friends,