Reflections on Kristine's Birthday-June 24

Today, Kristine should be celebrating her 21st birthday. Age 21 would mark her passage into the adult world as a beautiful young woman, both in appearance and in her heart.

However, we bear the sad task of being at the cemetary to celebrate her birth, life, and her memory. Everyone there came out of a deep sense of loss and a yearning for continued connection with dear Kristine.

However, we all realize and feel most hurt for what Kristine lost, the joy of turning 21 and 25 and the desperation of turning 40, 50, and 65. She lost the trill of college graduation, career, future romance, marriage, the joy and anxieties of raising children and seeing them through their life challenges, and the joy of growing old, watching the maturation of what you have nurtured.

Yes, Kristine had the most profound loss. We lost the extreme pleasure of her presence, companionship, and understanding, along with the joy of witnessing her experience the pleasures and trials of life. However deep our loss and hurt, it pales with what Kristine deserved, but had taken away from her.

May Kristine rest in peace.

Stephen Guest
June 24, 2005