Kristine Guest Memorial Fund

Kristine will be dearly missed by all who were fortunate to know her.  Our family is committed to keeping alive her memory.  Or goal was greatly assisted by the establishment of a charitable fund in Kristine’s memory.  The fund was initiated by the generosity of Blum Shapiro, in which Kristine’s father is a partner.  The fund was further enhanced by contributions from family and friends.   

The fund is held and managed by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, one of the nation’s largest community foundations.  By agreement with the Foundation, our family has an advisory role with respect to charitable gifts to be made from the fund.   

We intend to use the income from the fund to benefit causes that Kristine deemed important. This spring, the fund presented a scholarship to Julia Lavine, a member of the 2005 Conard High graduating class.  The criteria for the scholarship is to recognize a Conard student who exhibits the same steady, productive qualities that Kristine displayed.  The intent is to continue with this scholarship award until the fund grows to allow more expansive uses. 

To date, three scholarships have been awarded as follows:

Conard High School Seniors:   

    Julia Lavine-Class of 2005-To attend Smith College

    Jessica E. Navallil-Class of 2006-To attend UConn

Quinnipiac University graduate in the Class of 2006 majoring in Legal Studies: This was Kristine's major and should have been her graduating class.  The scholarship was awarded to Lisamaria T. Proscino who, although not known at time of selection, was a frequent study partner with Kristine.

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Our desire is to continuously grow the fund so that Kristine’s name can be long associated with worthy purposes.  Many have expressed their concern for our family and their desire to assist during the past year.  Enhancement of the Kristine Guest Memorial fund is now one of our most important priorities.   

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Hartford Foundation's 2005 Annual Report with Kristine's Memorial Fund Recognized                                                                        



Anyone wishing to make a contribution can send it to:

Kristine Guest Memorial Fund
Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
85 Gillett Street
Hartford, CT 06105