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Why we were compelled to act


How all efforts are connected and necessary

  Source of minor drinking from many directions (may show only on Internet Explorer)

How we became involved


With those overriding goals and concerns in addressing our daughter's tragic fate, our efforts extended into the following directions:

  • In our immediate community (see more)
  • State-wide policies including legislation aimed at house parties (see more)
  • Parent awareness of the risks their children are likely to face on college campuses-What college presidents do not want you to know (see more)
  • Invigorating a well-written federal law which should be compelling colleges and universities to address underage and excessive drinking on college campuses (see more)
  • Having an effect on civil law concerning colleges’ responsibility for student safety, which has limits which would surprise most parents (see more)


In offering this information, my goal is not to elicit credit or praise for these efforts, but to increase awareness.  Soon after Kristine’s loss, we found that other parents are not inclined to seriously focus on this significant health and safety issue, unless directly affected in a terrible way by the consequences.  While taking every possible effort to secure a safe environment for their children during the first sixteen years of their lives, parents allow events and the culture to take over when their now young adult is subject to the every increasing availability of alcohol products, especially when they begin college.  They need to realize, that sending a son or daughter to college is similar to Russian Roulette, we never know who will not make the return trip home.


By clicking on the “see more” of each section, details of these efforts are available.


To learn why we felt the the circumstances behind Kristine's death were so egregious, go to "The Accident that Did Not Need to Happen."


We hope this information proves useful in addressing the troubling and risky culture that our youth confront at too many college campuses.


Stephen and Ellen Guest


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Information on Federal Law addressing campus drinking

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Concerned about the drinking culture on campuses?

This site provides information as to the seriousness of the problem.


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