Dedicated to Enhance Campus Safety by Preventing the Tragic Consequences of Alcohol Related Incidences

  Tragic Results of Campus Drinking Culture  
  Student Safety

Paul Smith's College Tragedies

Parent Awareness  


Federal law addressing campus drinking practices

 Facts Behind the Double Tragedy-Drawn from Court Filings

Dangers of underage and excessive drinking  
    Colleges that do not comply with Federal Law

A Campus at Risk?-Witnesses Statements-Judge for Yourself

College Search-What questions to ask!  
    Balancing  College's Responsibility for Student Safety with Student Rights and Obligations

Why we were compelled to act and why others need to act

Controlling the Culture Starts in our Communities  
    Campuses acknowledging and addressing problem

How to become involved

Ways to become involved


In Loving Memory of Kristine Guest who lost her life at Paul Smith's College in February 2005.


Kristine's Memorial Site


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