to Close Down Spring of 2020

Interested in succeeding to gathered information?

Soon after my daughter's terrible accident in 2005, my wife and I became determined to spread what we learned about adult complicity in her terrible accident. We were shocked upon belatedly becoming much more aware of the risks that families take in sending young adults to campuses unprepared for the excesses that they are likely to experience and that adults on campus were not predisposed to stop or limit such behaviour. was one of the initiates undertaken in the aftermath of the tragedy. Wearyness forces ending the tracking in 2016 after ten years of the effort.  Now, 15 years after my daughter's loss, the time has come to close down the site.

So that information considered of value is not lost, any organization or individual who wishes to succeed some to or all of the web pages on the site are welcome to them at no cost.  Arrangements to transfer the files can be made.

Additionally, and many of its pages have gained high positions in Google searches over the years for certain relevant search terms. This Google search position may be appealing to organizations involved with alcohol use prevention as a link to either historical pages of or to the organizations own related pages. Again no compensation is sought for transfer of the domain name.

If interested, please contact me at


S. Guest