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Many others suffered a fate similar to Derek-see details

    Off-campus fire kills college student-3/19/07 Article

Derek Crowl

2d fatal blaze in 3 weeks near BU-3/17/07 Article
March 16, 2007 Teen Killed, Two Massachusetts Firefighters Injured in Blaze-3/19/07 Article

Boston University

  Does this need to happen to Derek and others?  

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Off-campus fire kills college student

South Campus blaze is second in 3 weeks; Brown says BU will inspect residences

By: Clarissa Bottesini and Marcos Lopez

Posted: 3/19/07                     Top of  page                  Article

Reported that Derek Crowl, 19, died in a fire in a Boston University apartment building.  It was the second fire in three weeks in the same building.  Derek visited Boston evening to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with two Boston University students.  Crowl attended Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania. 

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2d fatal blaze in 3 weeks near BU

Pa. student, 19, dies in Brookline        Top of  page            Article

By John R. Ellement and Stephanie Ebbert, Globe Staff  |  March 17, 2007

Report provided additional regarding the fire that killed Derek Crowl. Derek and another out-of-state student came to Boston and partied with three other men in the apartment. They barbecued on the back porch at one point during the night, and about 1 a.m., lit the grill again to make cheeseburgers.  Hot embers from the charcoal grill was smoldering for hours in the wooden deck and a nearby couch before bursting into fast-moving flames shortly before 6 a.m.   Derek's body was found crouched next to a closet door, leading investigators to believe he had become disoriented trying to crawl out of the room and had mistaken the closet for an exit. Using grills on wooden porches is prohibited in Brookline.

Teen Killed, Two Massachusetts Firefighters Injured in Blaze

Updated: 03-19-2007 02:54:23 PM

MARIE SZANISZLO                     Top of  page                          Article
Courtesy of the Boston Herald

Provided additional information on the multiple fires in which students died.

Republished with permission of the Boston Herald.

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