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Many others suffered a fate similar to Mark-see details


Mark Brandon Davis

Fire Kills Two N.C. State Students-10/7/05


October 7, 2005 Son's death in fire haunts his family-11/1/07


North Carolina State University    
  Does this need to happen to Mark and others?  

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Reports that two North Carolina State University students Mark Brandon Davis, 22,  and Dylan Cody Pilkington, 19, were killed and a third was injured in a duplex fire in Raleigh.

The school says the three were all members of the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity.


Son's death in fire haunts his family

Safe housing becomes their cause

Thomasi McDonald, Staff Writer        Top of  page                  Article

Reported that the beach house fire at Ocean Isle Beach that killed seven South Carolina college students Sunday morning brought back painful memories for Ivey and Pam Pilkington of Grifton.

Also reported that Cody  Pilkington's father "Ivey Pilkington said Cody didn't smoke or drink but that "alcohol and cigarettes killed him," he said, referring to evidence that there had been a party at the house the night before."

"Cody Pilkington and Davis were living in a duplex at 128 Groveland Ave. that was used as a fraternity house by eight members of Sigma Alpha Mu. Raleigh fire officials said a cigarette left smoldering in a sofa caused the fire." or (919) 829-4533

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