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Federal law aimed at preventing such tragedies

Many others suffered a fate similar to Douglas-see details
Douglas R. DeWitt Vigil honors SDSU student found dead-5/30/04  Article
September 26, 2004 Young overdose victims had much in common-2/19/05 Article
San Diego State University    
  Does this need to happen to Douglas and others  

Article Summaries and Excerpts Below


Vigil honors SDSU student found dead                      

By Lisa Petrillo and David Graham          Top of  page                 Article

September 30, 2004

Reported that San Diego State student Douglas DeWitt died during Pledge Week for fraternities and sororities.  Douglas was found dead at his campus fraternity house. Doug Case, SDSU's fraternity adviser, said this is the first death in a fraternity house that he can recall since he started in 1978.  University officials say the Greek parties were policed to keep them alcohol-free. Also, reported were remembrances of Douglas by friends and family.

Young overdose victims had much in common               

By Lisa Petrillo, STAFF WRITER           Top of  page            Article
February 19, 2005


Reported that in the past eight months, two local university students and a recent graduate have died of overdoses linked to the use of the same powerful prescription painkiller. The deceased individuals are Patrick Stewart, Douglas DeWitt, and Daniel Ashkenazy.  They all died in separate incidents mixing alcohol with OxyContin.

The article reported on the growing problem of  OxyContin abuse as well and providing insight as to lives of the unfortunate victims.

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