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Many others suffered a fate similar to Rissa-see details

    Mankato campus shaken by 3rd death in 2 months-11/27/07 Article

Rissa J. Amen-Reif

Mankato college officials vow to get tough on student drinking-11/28/07 Article
November 25, 2007 Campus drinking concerns aired-11/29/07 Article
Minnesota State University, Mankato Hit Mankato students had alcohol in systems-1/22/08 Article
  Driver cleared in death of Mankato college student-4/3/08 Article

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Does this need to happen to Rissa and others?  

Mankato campus shaken by 3rd death in 2 months

By Jeff Shelman and Chao Xiong, Star Tribune              Top of  page

Last update: November 27, 2007 10:56 AM                   Article

Reported that  Minnesota State University, Mankato, senior Rissa J. Amen-Reif was killed after a friend and she were struck by a car. The friend suffered broken bones in her lower back and pelvis. The friends had left a sorority gathering.  Police were determining how the girls made the 2.5-mile trip from a sorority event at the local VFW to the crash site, where traffic lights and stop signs are nonexistent.  As she attempted to cross the street, Amen-Reif fell and her friend tried to help her up, but both were hit by a car authorities said was traveling at the posted speed limit of 40 miles per hour. 612-673-7478 612-673-4391

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Mankato college officials vow to get tough on student drinking

The university may increase penalties for alcohol in dorms and end sponsorships from liquor and beer peddlers.

By Jeff Shelman, Star Tribune                     Top of  page                  Article

Last update: November 28, 2007 9:10 PM

Reported that "Minnesota State University Mankato President Richard Davenport summed up his thoughts in one sentence Wednesday. "Somebody has got to help wake these students up.""  Along with the recent death of Amanda Jax, who died of alcohol poisioning, the campus was shaken by the death of Rissa Amen-Reif was hit by a car and killed where police believe alcohol was involved.

""As a president, I'm not going to tolerate a continued misuse of alcohol and the high-risk drinking," he said. "We're going to toughen up. We think we have the toughest policies already, but I think we've got to be even tougher.""

Jeff Shelman 612-673-7478

Jeff Shelman


Campus drinking concerns aired

By Dan Nienaber
The Free Press                                 Top of  page           Article     

Reported that  Rissa Amen-Reif had been at a sorority event at a bar before she was hit by a car and killed more than a mile away. after ending up in the middle of a road on the edge town. She  and police believe alcohol was a factor. "Richard Davenport, MSU president, attended the Monday City Council meeting where a unanimous vote clamped down on bar drinking specials. He acknowledged Mankato has a rep utation for binge drinking, but added the university ha many programs in place to curtail underage drinking as well as heavy drinking by older students."

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Hit Mankato students had alcohol in systems

The State Patrol released their blood-alcohol levels after one family complained about the handling of the case.

Last update: January 22, 2008 - 7:39 PM

Reported that toxicology testes showed Amen-Reif's blood alcohol-content level to be 0.06 and her friend's was 0.09, and the driver tested negative for alcohol and drugs.  Rissa's father had been pushing authorities to release the information to clear up any perception that his daughter was drunk when she was struck by car.

Paul Walsh 612-673-4482

Driver cleared in death of Mankato college student

April 3, 2008                      Top of  page                           Article

Reported that the young driver who struck and killed Rissa Amen-Reifo will not be charged or cited in the crash.

 --Paul Walsh 612-673-4482

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