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Many others suffered a fate similar to Thomas-see details


Thomas Argentieri, 21

Alfred University student dies after off-campus fight-12/10/07 Article
December 9, 2007 Argentieri probe continues-12/07 Article
Alfred University AU student death probe still open-1 6/09 Article
  Does this need to happen to Thomas and others?  

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Alfred University student dies after off-campus fight

 5:14 PM EST, December 10, 2007          Top of  page            Article

Reported that Alfred University senior Thomas Argentieri got into a fight with a fellow Alfred student during a party at an off-campus house.  An ambulance crew found him lying unconscious and he was was later pronounced dead at a hospital. Approximately 25 to 50 people attended the house party

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Argentieri probe continues
Alfred University will hold memorial service next semester

By Larry Wilson                            
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Star-Gazette Corning Bureau

Reported that investigators have not determined whether the Thomas Argentieri's death was an accident or a crime.   Alcohol was served at the party.  Argentieri hit the other man with a beer bottle and the two began fighting and fell to the ground.

AU student death probe still open

 By Bob Clark

The Evening Tribune

Fri Jan 16, 2009, 11:15 AM EST   Top of  page             Article

Reported that after more than a year since Alfred University student Thomas Argentieri died following a late-night fight, police District Attorney have declined to say who, or what specifically, killed the 21-year-old finance student. No arrests have been made.

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