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Many others suffered a fate similar to Adam-see details


Adam Carter

UT student killed in vehicle accident-11/19/07

November 17, 2007 Police: Alcohol a factor in fatal crash that killed UT student-11/18/07 Article
University of Tennessee     
  Does this need to happen to Adam and others?  

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UT student killed in vehicle accident

 Kevin Dalby - News Editor                        Top of  page                 Article

2007-11-19 21:40:05

Reported that University of Tennessee student Adam Carter was killed when his vehicle struck   Another student who was a passenger, was treated for injuries.   According to the Sheriff’s Office, speeding and alcohol were factors in the crash.

— News editor Will Woodbery contributed to this report.

Police: Alcohol a factor in fatal crash that killed UT student

Reported that according to investigators, alcohol was a factor in Adam Carter death.  Investigators also reported that Carter was speeding and was driving with a restricted license.

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