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Many others suffered a fate similar to Shawn-see details

Police believe Shawn Dow, 21, fell off the roof of an Allston apartment building where he had been attending a party.    Fall off roof killed student, police say-11/18/07 Article

Shawn Dow

Peabody native killed in fall from Boston roof-11/19/07 Article
November 17, 2007 Allston issues are perennial-11/19/07 Article
Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University College student died from fall, not fight, autopsy finds-11/19/07 Article
  Does this need to happen to Shawn and others?  

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Fall off roof killed student, police say

But witnesses at party in Allston contend he was beaten in brawl         Top of  page                              Article


Reported that  Art Institute of Boston Shawn Dow student fell off the black-top roof of a building and landed in an alley.  Shawn was attending a Friday night party  with about 20 college students and other young adults chatting and sipping beer.  About 1:30 a.m, three uninvited men showed up at the door and one got into a heated argument with a woman inside the apartment, touching off a brawl that involved about 20 males.  Somehow, Shawn fell off the roof and died as result of his injuries.

Globe correspondent Jeff Elliott contributed to this report.

Peabody native killed in fall from Boston roof

By Bruno Matarazzo Jr. , Staff writer         Top of  page                Article
Salem News

Reported that the cause of death is still under investigation and provided the reaction of Shawn's family to his death, including the lack of information available.

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Allston issues are perennial

 Posted: 11/19/07                      Top of  page            Article

Reported on the police activity in various Boston neighborhoods including Allston were the party and fight that caused Shawn Dow to loss his life and nearby Brookline which is said to be well-policed. Reported that students have complained about overly aggressive patrols in the neighborhoods closest to Boston University, however,  the lack of police presence that would discourage rowdiness in Allston is said to lead to these unfortunate consequences.  "Patrols in the neighborhoods would have noticed a disturbance on the relatively busy thoroughfare. Should a noisy party or disturbance begin to play out in Brookline, less than a mile from Allston, it would likely be quickly answered by patrol cars that are situated in student areas, awaiting the first signs of trouble."
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College student died from fall, not fight, autopsy finds

November 19, 07 03:37 PM                         Top of  page                        Article

By Globe Staff

Reported that Shawn Dow’s autopsy determined that a he died from injuries consistent with a fall off the roof of a four-story building, not a fight.

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