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Many others suffered a fate similar to Andrew-see details


Andrew Enriquez, 20

Alcohol-related student deaths continue-9/14/07


September 14, 2007    
University of Florida    
  Does this need to happen to Andrew and others?  

Article Summaries and Excerpts Below Sep 14, 2007
Alcohol-related student deaths continue

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Reported that University of Florida student Andrew Enriquez died in a car crash around 2:40 a.m.. Andrew died when his sport utility vehicle struck a tree in the median on a southwest Gainesville roadway. He was wearing an arm bracelet that may have been from a local bar.  According to witnesses,  Enriquez had been weaving on the road and his SUV came toward their vehicle. Andrew apparently lost control of the SUV as he swerved away, police said. Another witness said Enriquez had been driving at a high rate of speed and one motorist drove into a parking lot for fear of getting struck by the SUV.  Preliminary reports indicates it was possibly alcohol-related and police investigating accordingly.

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