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Many others suffered a fate similar to Samuel-see details

Samuel Paul Flinn, a 2006 graduate of West Forsyth High School, was found dead early Sunday. He was a student at East Carolina University in Greenville but was in Wilmington visiting a friend.    Bodies of 2 college students found in separate cases-9/24/07 Article
Samuel Paul Finn, 20   Bleeding in the brain caused student's death, autopsy finds-9/25/07 Article
September 23, 2007 Charges won't be filed in fistfight-9/27/07 Article
East Carolina University    
  Does this need to happen to Samuel and others  

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Bodies of 2 college students found in separate cases
September 24, 2007 00:05 EDT                              Top of  page                  Article

Reported that  East Carolina University student Samuel Paul Finn's bodywas found in front of a townhouse around 1:30 a.m. on a Sunday.  There had been an altercation involving several men a short time before the body was found.

 Also reported that a student was found dead in his dormitory room on Friday  at UNC Asheville.



Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bleeding in the brain caused student's death, autopsy finds    

 By Jim Sparks

JOURNAL REPORTER              Top of  page                    Article

Reported that Samuel Paul Flinn died from bleeding in his brain, according to autopsy results released yesterday. Toxicology tests are being done to determine if drugs or alcohol contributed to Flinn’s death.

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Charges won't be filed in fistfight             Top of  page         Article

DA says blow that led to man's death was in self-defense                       By Jim Sparks


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Reported that do charges will be filed Samuel Paul Flinn death since the fatal blow was made in self-defense.  Samuel was struck after jumping into the middle of a fight between his friend Doug Reece, 19, and another man, Jeffrey Collins.  Reece had started the fight and that Collins had been acting in self-defense when he hit Flinn on the chin.  Reece told authorities that he had seven or eight beers that night and that Flinn had also drunk beer, smoked marijuana and taken Xanax.

“This case serves as another tragic reminder of the dangers of drugs and alcohol, particularly in the hands of the very young,” according to District Attorney Ben David.

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