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Many others suffered a fate similar to Jenna-see details

  Family Waits For Answers In Winona Student's Death-12/17/07 Article

Jenna Foellmi, 20

Coronor says Winona State student died of acute alcohol poisoning...-12/21/07

December 14, 2007 Winona State student: 'A classic case of binge drinking'-12/21/07 Article
Wionona State Youth binge drinking a rising trend?-12/26/07 Article
  Does this need to happen to Jenna and others?  

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Family Waits For Answers In Winona Student's Death

Dec 17, 2007               Top of  page                                          Article

Reporting John Lauritsen

WINONA, Minn. (WCCO) ―

There is still no word on what may have caused the death of a  student.

Reported that Winona State University student Jenna Foellmi was found dead in a bedroom of a friend's apartment.  Jenna was the third Winona State University student to die since Thanksgiving.

Coronor says Winona State student died of acute alcohol poisoning...

Coronor says Winona State student died of acute alcohol poisoning

Reported that the medical examiner determined that Jenna Foellmi died of acute alcohol poisoning.  Police say she was seen consuming alcohol for much of the previous day, starting after taking her last final exam and continued at several parties.

Information from Darryl Smelser at KAGE-AM, Winona, and Mark Carros at KTTC-TV, Rochester (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.) APNP 12-21-07 1108CST

Pioneer Editorial: Youth binge drinking a rising trend?

Bemidji Pioneer Editorial Board Bemidji Pioneer
Published Wednesday, December 26, 2007              
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In the wake of several recent area tragic deaths, the editorial asks:  "The trend is disturbing. Why are more of our young people turning to alcohol, and further, why to abusive levels?"  The author then urges action, although acknowledging the difficulty of finding solutions

Winona State student: 'A classic case of binge drinking’

Winona State student is latest in a string of deaths of college-age women attributed to alcohol.

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Reported on the alcohol poisoning death of Jenna Foellmi and other similar situations which resulted in Rissa Amen-Reif and Amanda Jax losing their lives.

Police pointed out that  "personal responsibility" has to be emphasized  Foellmi's death happened because "she was going to get smashed [after] she had a tough quarter at school and no one stepped in to stop that."  Jenna attended private "bring-your-own-bottle" parties.  At one of those parties Jenna participated in a drinking game called "Beer Pong."  An noted irony, Jenna reportedly belonged to SADD

A teacher was reported to have remarked "You know, we teach about drinking and driving, but we really don't teach about drinking and dying."

"A survey released last year found that more than half of all Winona State students had consumed five or more drinks in one sitting, constituting binge drinking."

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