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Many others suffered a fate similar to Nikolas-see details

    Treated for alcohol poisoning, Stephen F. Austin freshman dies-10/8/07 Article

Nikolas Gallegos. 18

SFA Student Dies From Alcohol Poisoning-10/8/07 Article
October 7, 2007 Parents Reflect On Son's Alcohol Poisoning Death-10/8/07 Article
Stephen F. Austin State University Colleges can only do so much about students' risky partying-10/11/07     Article
  SFA forum: Dangers of excessive drinking discussed-10/15/07 Article
  Two men arrested on charges of supplying alcohol to minor-10/16/07 Article

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Does this need to happen to Nikolas and others?  

Oct. 8, 2007, 7:30PM
Treated for alcohol poisoning, Stephen F. Austin freshman dies

NACOGDOCHES A  , police said.

Reported that Stephen F. Austin freshman Nikolas Gallegos, 18, died after being treated for alcohol poisoning following an off-campus party. Although Nikolas was a Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity pledge, the party was not an official fraternity event,

10/08/07 - Nacogdoches

SFA Student Dies From Alcohol Poisoning
by Donna McCollum                   Top of  page                               Article

Reported on Nikolas Gallegos of Mesquite death after being brought to a hospital.


10/08/07 - Nacogdoches
Parents Reflect On Son's Alcohol Poisoning Death
by Donna McCollum            Top of  page                                         Article

Floyd and Casey Gallegos are coming out of a parent's worst nightmare. Their son is dead from alcohol poisoning.   " Ultimately it comes down to them making the right decision. Knowing their limits. Unfortunately, he made a bad decision and it cost him his life, " said Mr. Gallegos.   

This weekend the Mesquite couple rushed to be by their son's bedside. Slowly family members watched the affects of alcohol poisoning take over Nik's body.    " He was in the deepest coma you can be in without being dead by the time we got here. We basically had to spend two days looking at him on the machine that was keeping him alive.  " 

Reported primarily on Nikolas' parents reaction to his death.  "The Gallegos don't blame anyone for the accident, but their son.  " He could drink anything. It didn't matter what it was. He was having fun. He just took it to an extreme,"  said Mr. Gallegos. The parents knew their son drank. " We've all been through it, so we understand he was drinking and we are ok with that as long as he would know his limits," said Mr Gallegos."   After to many beers caused Nik to collapse, his friends rushed him to the hospital.    "" We are thankful those kids were educated enough to know something was wrong and they took him to the hospital even though it didn't save his life it gave us time to say goodbye, " said Casey Gallegos."


Colleges can only do so much about students' risky partying                                 Top of  page                     Article

08:25 PM CDT on Thursday, October 11, 2007

Reported used Nikolas Gallegos death as an example for the limitations that colleges have in addressing problem drinking.  "Like it or not, our popular culture has big howitzers trained on that 18-to-25 population. How is a college supposed to protect kids from binge drinking when they can still party in off-campus houses and bars, spend spring break playing "beer pong" on the beach or celebrate such popular underground rituals as pounding fruity booze shots in competitive drinking bouts?"

A few measures such as educational programs and Friday moring classes were mentioned but the author's overall conclusion was:  "But you can't expect universities to baby-sit them. They're not babies anymore."

SFA forum: Dangers of excessive drinking discussed

The Daily Sentinel                                          Top of  page

Monday, October 15, 2007

Reported that  SFA administrators held forums providing students with information regarding alcohol awareness, symptoms of excessive alcohol intake, and the need to call 911 if such symptoms are present.

The University's sanctions for alcohol violations were noted to be: "On a first offense related to alcohol abuse, a student receives conduct probation. A second offense calls for disciplinary probation. If a student receives a third violation, they are suspended from school for at least an academic year."  The University does not notify parents when students who violate alcohol and drug policies.

Two men arrested on charges of supplying alcohol to minor

COX EAST TEXAS                     
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Reported that two men have been arrested on charges of furnishing alcohol to Nikolas Gallegos.  Arrested were Tyler Bishop, 23,and James Anthony Pessagno, 19.

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