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Many others suffered a fate similar to Donald see details


Donald Farrell, 19

Rowan student dies after beating-10/2/07 Article
October 28, 2007

Violence rare in Glassboro-11/04/07

Rowan University Hunt widens for slain student's killer-11/28/07 Article
  Mt. Lakes father of dead college teen files suit against assailants-4/17/09 Article

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Does this need to happen to Donald and others?  

Rowan student dies after beating

Reported that Rowan University sophomore Donald Farrell died o after being beaten and robbed by two men on a campus road last night.  Donald  was walking from his off-campus apartment complex with three friends when five men approached him and asked about the location of a party. As he pointed to his apartment complex, he was attacked.

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Violence rare in Glassboro

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Reported that Rowan University students has expanded campus security measures including swiftly beefing up campus patrols.

The article also referred to an off-campus Rowan party in September 2005 where four Rowan students were charged with serving alcohol to minors, one of whom drove a car that crashed and fatally injured a passenger, 16-year-old Michael Mariano.

Some questioned the focus of police on intervening in parties with underage drinkers, but police countered that those need to be controlled to prevent related tragic results.

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[liPublished]: November 04. 2007 3:10AM

Hunt widens for slain student's killer

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Reported that the search for Donald Farrell's killer is continuing and investigators have begun focusing their efforts outside the borough and are are chasing more than 70 leads. Four or five men approached Farrell and asked where to find parties in the area. Before Farrell could answer, he was punched in the face and knocked to the ground.

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