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Many others suffered a fate similar toAmber-see details


Amber Rose Brown, 20

Douglas William Ward, 26 Questions abound in deaths of two students-11/20/08 Article
November 23, 2008 Reason for GVSU students' deaths called 'undetermined'-1/14/09 Article

Grand Valley State University


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Does this need to happen to Amber and others?  

Questions abound in deaths of two students

Posted by Lisa Medendorp and Lynn Moore | The Muskegon Chronicle November 20, 2008 22:54PM                        Article

Amber Rose Brown, 20, and  26-year-old Douglas William Ward  were discovered Wednesday night in a parked sport utility vehicle.  Carbon monoxide poisoning from the grill likely was responsible for their deaths.  A charcoal grill was found in the back of the SUV, which had the back seat down.

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Reason for GVSU students' deaths called 'undetermined'

Posted by Terry Judd | The Muskegon Chronicle

January 14, 2009 23:39PM      Top of  page                       Article

Reported that "authorities say they know how two college students died but the reason for the tragedy will remain "undetermined." Alcoholic beverage containers also were found outside and inside the vehicle, along with clothing and camping items. No suicide notes were found and there was no evidence of foul play."

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