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Many others suffered a fate similar to Matthew-see details

Matthew Felton, 21 2 MMA students killed in crash-9/29/08 Article
September 28, 200 Merrimack crash victim mourned-9/30/08 Article
Maine Maritime Academy Fatal Stockton Springs Crash Alcohol-related, Says Report-10/23/08 Article
  No charges filed in fatal Stockton Springs collision-6/5/09 Article

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Does this need to happen to Matthew and others?  

2 MMA students killed in crash

By Abigail Curtis
BDN Staff
9/29/08                 Top of  page              Article

Reported that students (driver's name omitted at family's request), 20, and Matthew Felton, 21, died instantly when their car was hit by a pickup truck that crossed the centerline. The accident occurred at 7:30 a.m.  The alcohol levels of both drivers were checked . 

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Merrimack crash victim mourned

Article published Sep 30, 2008         Top of  page             Article

 By KAREN LOVETT and ALBERT McKEON, Staff Writers,

Reported on the memorial services for the two students and provided their backgrounds.

Karen Lovett can be reached at 594-6402 or Albert McKeon can be reached at 594-5832 or

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Fatal Stockton Springs Crash Alcohol-related, Says Report

Thursday, October 23, 2008          Top of  page                 Article

Reported that alcohol was a factor in the accident that killed (driver's name omitted at family's request) and Matthew.  "The state traffic accident report describes the apparent physical condition of both drivers as “had been drinking.”

BELFAST (June 5, 2009):        Top of  page

Reported that no one will be prosecuted as the result of the fatal car crash. Although the investigation revealed the head-on collision occurred in the northbound lane where the student's car was headed,  Bradford told police that the student's vehicle had crossed into the southbound lane. Bradford, attempting to avoid a collision, quickly pulled into the northbound lane. The student's car then abruptly turned into the northbound lane and struck Bradford's pickup truck.

A post-mortem exam of the driver's blood indicated at the time of his death his blood-alcohol level was 0.123 percent. Also, open containers of alcohol were found inside the student's vehicle,

Bradford, an alumnus of Maine Maritime Academy, was returning home from MMA's homecoming weekend. Bradford  blood tests revealed no alcohol or other intoxicants in his blood.

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