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Many others suffered a fate similar to Philip-see details

    Pa. police probe campus death of Rumson man, 22-10/5/08 Article

Philip E. Rehders

Swimmer's death a mystery-10/8/08 Article
October 8, 2008 Binge drinking concerns addressed by guest speaker-10/23/08 Article
Franklin and Marshall College Tightening the tap on college drinking-10/12/08 Article

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Does this need to happen to Philip and others?  

Swimmer's death a mystery

Intelligencer Journal

Published: Oct 07, 2008
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Reports that police found Philip Rehders, 22, unresponsive shortly before 5 a.m.on a Sunday.  Philip had been out with friends before he died.


Pa. police probe campus death of Rumson man, 22

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 October 5 2008

Reports that police are awaiting a toxicology report as they try to determine the circumstances under which Philip died.  Also reported were remembrances by those who knew Philip on campus.


Binge drinking concerns addressed by guest speaker

Thomas D. Hagerty

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Thursday October 23 2008

Mike Green, collegiate consultant on drugs and alcohol, discussed the topic with the student athletes.  Green told some sad stories that he had encountered over his 18 years as a speaker. He backed up his presentation with several chilling facts about alcohol-related injuries and deaths.  During his talk, Green mentioned how Phillip Rehders died in the early morning of Sunday, Oct. 5. ust 18 miles away at Franklin and Marshall College, a story similar to those told by as an example of the consequences of alcohol abuse.

 Tightening the tap on college drinking

"Schools take new initiatives as alcohol-related incidents make headlines. Police say F&M alum visiting here last Sunday was drinking before his death. "

Sunday News

Published: Oct 12, 2008     Top of  page                           Article

By JON RUTTER, Staff Writer

Reported that "two local colleges are accelerating their efforts to curb underage and binge drinking at a time when alcohol-related incidents have landed one of them in the news.  Last month, F&M temporarily shut down college-approved Greek system parties, said Dean of Students Kent TrachteAlso at the beginning of the school year, the school reactivated a drug-and-alcohol task force that F&M President John Fry launched after he was elected president in 2002.  Ironically, a short time later, on Sept. 20, officers from the the college's Public Safety office busted 47 underage drinkers in Thomas Hall.  Then, a week ago, Philip E. Rehders, a 2008 F&M graduate and former swim team champion who had been visiting friends on campus, was found unresponsive in the residence hall."

Jon Rutter is a staff writer for the Sunday News. His e-mail address is

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