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Many others suffered a similar fate-see details


Devon Austin, 19

Police: Teens chased prior to fatal rollover-9/13/10


September 12, 2010 Idaho teen texting friend minutes before deadly crash-9/15/10


College of Southern Idaho Twin Falls students urged to be proactive about alcohol problems-9/23/10



Southern Idaho man pleads guilty in fatal crash-1/4/12


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Does this need to happen? Alcohol culture persists despite law aimed to prevent-see more.

After an altercation at a party, Devon, Ryan Reinhardt and a third friend left in a car.  Devon and Ryan lost their lives in when their car crashed while being chased by another car likely leaving the same party.   The third passenger suffered minor injuries.  Authorities attributed the crash to excessive speed and alcohol.

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Concerned about the drinking culture on campuses?

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Federal Law addressing campus drinking


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