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Indiana University Freshman Rachael Fiege, 19, Dies After Falling At Party-8/26/13

Rachael Fiege, 19

College freshman, 19, dies after tumbling down stairs at alcohol-fueled party and friends didn't call an ambulance for SEVEN HOURS because they thought she was sleeping-8/26/13

August 23, 2013

Big Red Liquors plans to push awareness of 'lifeline' law-8/28/13

Indiana University

Parents of Rachael Fiege won't cast blame in death of IU student-8/28/13


Mother of late IU student reaching out to H.S. seniors-5/23/14

  Rachael’s first week-6/3/14

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Does this need to happen? Alcohol culture persists despite law aimed to prevent-see more.

Racheal lost her life after falling down a basement stairway during a party two days after arriving on campus for classes.  Fellow students at was reported to be an “alcohol fueled” party waited six hours prior to calling for assistance.  While reports have not confirmed whether Rachel was intoxicated or even drinking, the students’ apparent acceptance of an unconscious peer for six hours similarly demonstrates a lack of concern over such a condition during an “alcohol fueled” party.

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