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Many others suffered a fate similar to Laura-see details

    Eckerd College Celebrates the Life of Laura Ann Gorman-3/7/06 Article
Laura Ann Gorman No escape-They were best friends forever. Now one is dead, the other wracked with guilt.-4/8/07 Article
February 25, 2006

Student faces prison for fatal DUI accident-9/7/07

Eckerd College    
  Does this need to happen to Laura and others  

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Eckerd College Celebrates the Life of Laura Ann Gorman       

posted on 03/07/2006          Top of  page             Article

Reported how Eckerd College celebrated the life of Laura Ann Gorman, who died tragically in an automobile accident early one Saturday morning in St. Petersburg.


No escape-They were best friends forever. Now one is dead, the other wracked with guilt. A court will decide how to mete out justice, but for two families, the suffering will never end.

By John Barry
Published April 8, 2007                           Top of  page        Article

A compelling account of the trial of the intoxicated driver who caused the death of Laura Ann Gorman from the perspective of the victim, the accused friend, Laura's parents, the prosecutor, and the judge. The article ends with the following question:


What is justice?

Soon a judge will decide Jessica Rasdall's punishment for the DUI manslaughter death of Laura Gorman. Do you think Jessica should serve the 10 to 15 years mandated by state law? Or should she be sentenced to less severe punishment as a youthful offender?"


Student faces prison for fatal DUI accident 

She's become an anti-DUI crusader, but that doesn't sway judge.

By JOSE CARDENAS, Times Staff Writer   Top of  page                  Article
Published September 7, 2007

Reports that prison seems inevitable for Jessica Rasdall, a University of South Florida student accused of DUI manslaughter in the accident that killed her best friend, Laura Ann Gorman.  After as suggestion that Rasdall plead guilty in exchange for two years of house arrest and 10 years of probation rather than a jail term, the judge replied that he was not willing to enter into a plea without incarceration.  A new law requires that anyone convicted of driving under the influence manslaughter serve four years in prison.

Also reported that Rasdall and Laura Ann Gorman had been drinking at Club Skye in Ybor City.

Jose Cardenas can be reached at or 727 445-4224.

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