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Many others suffered a fate similar to Blake-see details
Blake Adam Hammontree, 19 Studentís body found inside OU fraternity house-10/4/04


September 30, 2004 OU fraternity member arrested for furnishing alcohol-10/6/04 Article
University of Oklahoma

No longer an ex-frat-OU reinstates Sigma Chi-5/19/07

  Ripples Still Felt On Campus From Pledge's Death-10/1/07 Article

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Studentís body found inside OU fraternity house       Top of  page

Rochelle Hines
Associated Press Writer

Reported that the body University of Oklahoma student Blake Adam Hammontree was found inside a fraternity house.  The universityís president said drinking may have played a role in the death.  "OU President David Boren said he plans to immediately cease the operations of the fraternity and close the house within two weeks for the rest of the academic year."  Also, President Boren announced plans to appoint a 13-member group of administrators, faculty and students to advise  on further steps that could be taken to avoid future such tragedies.

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Publication Date: October 6, 2004

OU fraternity member arrested for furnishing alcohol 

Associated Press   Top of  page                     Article

Reported that police arrested University of Oklahoma fraternity member Cody Barrington for allegedly furnishing alcohol to a minor on the night 19-year-old pledge Blake Adam Hammontree consumed a fatal amount of alcohol.  Also reported that Blake had a blood alcohol level of 0.42, five times the legal limit for intoxication.

Published: May 19, 2007 12:00 am     

No longer an ex-frat                                           Top of  page

OU reinstates Sigma Chi

 The Norman Transcript

By Tony Pennington
Transcript Staff Writer

Reported that the University of Oklahoma ended suspension the Beta Kappa Chapter of Sigma Chi which took effect after  the alcohol-related death of Blake Hammontree.

Tony Pennington

Ripples Still Felt On Campus From Pledge's Death

Reported that the death of a fraternity pledge at the University of Oklahoma three years ago is still having an impact on drinking on the school's campus as evidenced by alcohol-related citations and anti-hazing banners are flying outside a number of fraternity and sorority houses.

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