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Many others suffered a fate similar to Thomas-see details

    Springfield Man Dies of Alcohol Poisoning at Va. Tech-9/04 Article

Thomas Ryan Hauser, 23

Recently deceased student honored this weekend-10/1/04 Article
September 19, 2004 Death doesn’t deter students from drinking-9/27/04 Article*
Virginia Tech    
  Does this need to happen to Thomas and others?  

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Springfield Man Dies of Alcohol Poisoning at Va. Tech

BLACKSBURG, Va. (AP) - Authorities believe alcohol poisoning killed a Virginia Tech student from Springfield.                Top of  page             Article

Reported that Thomas Ryan Hauser, 23, was found by roommates in his off-campus apartment Sunday morning. After Thomas and some friends had been barhopping, drinking beer and liquor from about 9 p.m. Saturday until about 2 a.m. Sunday, the friends carried him back from a bar and put him on his right side on the living room floor to let him sleep it off.   When the friends attempted to wake Thomas the next morning, they found he had died.

Also reported that two other college students were hospitalized over the weekend for alcohol poisoning, but both recovered.

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Recently deceased student honored this weekend

October 1st, 2004                                        Top of  page                          Article


Ellen Biltz
Associate News Editor

Reported on memorial service held for  Thomas Hauser including remembrances by friends.



Death doesn’t deter students from drinking

By Tonia Moxley                                Top of  page

The Roanoke Times

September 27, 2004

In the aftermath of Thomas Hauser's death, the reporter discusses alcohol use by students, the University's policies and sanctions, and the continued use and abuse of alcohol despite the tragedy. Included in the report was the statement that no Virginia Tech student had died of alcohol overdose since the early 1990s, according to Virginia Tech officials, but on average, local hospitals treat two students each weekend for alcohol overdose.



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