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Tragedy of  Missing Students


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Alcohol-Related Student Deaths-Fall 2004

Presented below is an unfortunate tabulation of alcohol related campus deaths reported in the media for the fall 2004 semester.  For every deceased student listed, at least three other college students are reported to have died, although the tragedy's connection to alcohol was unclear in media reports.

The information supplied for each victim is a tabulation of media reports. The circumstances and causes of the tragedies are summarized within the listing with more details contained in the associated link.

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University's page Samantha Spady, September 5, 2004, Colorado State University More Information Samantha had a blood alcohol level of 0.436 when her blood was tested after her death. That's more than 5 times the legal limit in Colorado.  She consumed alcohol over 11 hours starting before the CSU/CU football game on Saturday and ending with her presence at the fraternity house, where she consumed "additional significant amounts of alcohol." Alcohol Poisoning
University's page Rachel Payne, September 12, 2004, University of Delaware                         More Information Walking intoxicated from a frat party, Rachel died on a railroad track in the early morning Accident while intoxicated
University's page Lynn Gordon "Gordie" Bailey Jr, September 17, 2004, University of Colorado                                    More Information Bailey and the other pledges had begun the evening Sept. 16 blindfolded and abandoned in the woods near Gold Hill. Police said the pledges were told to drink large amounts of Ten High whiskey and Carlo Rossi wine.Later, when they were driven back to the fraternity house after midnight, Bailey had passed out. The next morning Bailey was found face down on the floor, and could not be revived. His blood-alcohol level was 0.328 percent, four times the legal limit for driving in Colorado. Alcohol Poisoning
University's page Thomas Ryan Hauser, 23,  September 19, 2004, Virginia Tech More Information Thomas' friends carried him back from a bar and put him on his right side on the living room floor to let him sleep it off. His roommates thought he was still sleeping it off when they found him on the floor the next morning, but he had died during the early morning hours,  Two other college students were hospitalized over the weekend for alcohol poisoning, but both recovered.  Alcohol Poisoning
University's page Blake Adam Hammontree, 19, September 30, 2004, University of Oklahoma More Information He was found dead Thursday morning in the residential area of the Sigma Chi fraternity house. Since Hammontree's death, OU President David Boren has said all social activities at the fraternity house would cease and that a supervisor will be placed in the house to assure compliance. Hammontree's death is the third confirmed alcohol-related death at U.S. colleges this fall. Alcohol Poisoning
University's page David Ferguson, October 31, 2004, University of Florida More Information David was last seen around 1:00 a.m. Saturday following a night of partying with two friends and thousands of others on the night before the Georgia-Florida football game.  After being missing for days, his body was found in an opening between the garage and another building where authorities concluded he fell. Accident- drinking associated
  Adam Falcon, November 2004, St. Lawrence University More Information In November 2004, St. Lawrence University campus police launched a nationwide Amber alert search for 20 year old student Adam Falcon.  Falcon was eventually found dead in the Grass River.  He had drowned after his night of drinking. Accident associated with campus drinking
University's page Rich Hegerich, November 21, 2004, University of New Hampshire More Information Rich was walking home from a party when struck by a car driven another student who had been drinking at another party near campus. The accident happened just outside the UNH campus.  Accident- drinking associated
University's page Bennett Bertoli, December 11, 2004, Colorado State University More Information Bennett was discovered lying on a couch, unresponsive, inside a home close to the CSU campus which had been the site of a party the night before.  Bennett died of a lethal mix of alcohol, methadone and tranquilizers.    His blood alcohol content was 0.12 percent, a level that not considered lethal by itself.  The combination of the three proved fatal. Alcohol Poisoning

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