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Alcohol-Related Student Deaths-Fall 2005

Presented below is an unfortunate tabulation of alcohol related campus deaths reported in the media for the fall 2005 semester.  For every deceased student listed, at least three other college students are reported to have died, although the tragedy's connection to alcohol was unclear in media reports.

The information supplied for each victim is a tabulation of media reports. The circumstances and causes of the tragedies are summarized within the listing with more details contained in the associated link.

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Lance Strickland, 18. September 3, 2005, Oregon State University                        More Information High school student visiting Oregon University, died of alcohol poisoning while drinking with football players Alcohol Poisoning
Ricardo Petrillo: September 18, 2005. Qunnipiac University More Information Ricardo died early today after falling from a third-floor dormitory balcony at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, police said. Accident associated with campus drinking
Patrick Kycia, September 23, 2005, Minnesota State University-Moorhead    More Information Patrick Kycia was found dead five days after a fraternity party.  HIs body was found five days later in the Red River where he drowned.  Test showed a blood/alcohol level of  .17.  Six were arrested for supplying alcohol to minors  Accident while intoxicated
Mark Brandon Davis, October 7, 2005, North Carolina State University More Information Unattended smoking material set a chair on fire in an off-campus duplex rented by the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity, according to the fire report. Davis had been drinking and had a blood-alcohol level of .110. Accident associated with drinking
Cody Pilkington, October 7, 2005, North Carolina State University More Information Unattended smoking material set a chair on fire in an off-campus duplex rented by the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity, according to the fire report. The fire stated at the time a party was ongoing in the building. Accident associated with drinking
Abigail Isabela, October 20, 2005, University of California-Santa Barbara More Information Abigail Isabela was not wearing a seatbelt when she was ejected from the car, driven by 19-year-old Santa Barbara City College student who was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and felony vehicular manslaughte. Three other passengers in the car were also transported to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital for observation and treatment. Accident associated with drinking
Jackie Nilsson, October 21, 2005, Bridgewater State College More Information A Toyota Camry racing down Spring Street  plowed into three friends waiting outside the popular pub near campus for a shuttle bus to take them home after celebrating a birthday.  Jacqueline was thrown 30 feet into the air and was dead when she arrived the Hospital. The driver, 19, prosecutors say had a blood alcohol level 11 times the legal limit for someone her age, high enough to make the average-sized adult black out.  Accident- drinking associated
Tommy Brown, October 29, 2005, University of Florida More Information Tommy had become separated from his fraternity brothers after a Florida/Georgia football game when he was cornered by a group of Georgia fans.   In a confrontation was said to be fueled by alcohol, the Georgia fans proceeded to beat Tommy to death.  One of the Georgia fans was said to have had a history of getting in fights when he'd been drinking.  Tommy's blood alcohol level was test to approximate 0.26.  Accident- drinking associated
Brian Joseph McCloskey, 18, November 10, 2005, Virginia Tech More Information Brian lost his life five days after being hit by an automobile driven by an intoxicated student.  The driver, attending a party close to the party that Brian was attending, was transporting students between parties.    Accident associated with drinking
Nadia Shaheen, 62, November 11, 2005, Murray State More Information Nadia Shaheen died from face and neck injuries when she was struck by a vehicle four to six hours before her body was found in the ditch. A Murray State student was convicted of wanton murder, drunken driving and other charges Accident- drinking associated
Kelly Laughery, 20, December 3, 2005, Iowa State University                       More Information A fellow ISU student who was driving drunk hit her and drove away. Accident associated with campus drinking
Phanta "Jack" Phoummarath, December 10, 2005, University of Texas                         More Information He was found dead in the Lambda Phi Epsilon house on Dec. 10, 2005. Phoummarath died with a blood alcohol content of .41. Alcohol Poisoning

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