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Tragedy of  Missing Students


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Alcohol-Related Student Deaths-Spring 2005

Presented below is an unfortunate tabulation of alcohol related campus deaths reported in the media for the spring 2005 semester.  For every deceased student listed, at least three other college students are reported to have died.  However since the tragedy's connection to alcohol was unclear in media reports, those are not yet included.

The information supplied for each victim is a tabulation of media reports. The circumstances and causes of the tragedies are summarized within the listing with more details contained in the associated link.

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College's page Stephen E. Welch, 19, January 29, 2005, Paul Smith's College More Information Stephen had been drinking alcohol before driving his Toyota pickup north on Route 86 near his college. Welch's truck veered off the road around 3 a.m. and struck a culvert and trees before overturning. Accident while intoxicated
College's page Kristine Guest, February 6, 2005, Paul Smith's College More Information Kristine was a passenger on the snowmobile that crashed into Peter's Rock, a peninsula near a lake bonfire bonfire party. Accident associated with campus drinking
College's page Joshua Rau, February 6, 2005, Paul Smith's College More Information Joshua was driving a snowmobile around a bonfire party when the vehicle crashed into a peninsula. Accident associated with campus drinking
University's page Christopher P. Berry, March 11, 2005, New Mexico State University                        More Information He had a blood-alcohol level of 0.459. following off-campus celebrations of his 22nd birthday.  Alcohol Poisoning
  Meredith Kenneff, 20,  March 12, 2005, Duquesne University                          More Information Sorority member collapsed at an off-campus party.  She apparently was drinking for much of he day. Alcohol Poisoning
  Colin Boyarski, April 3, 2005, Kenyon College More Information His body was found in a field near campus on April 3, died of acute alcohol intoxication.  He had been drinking at a party near the Kenyon College campus. He had a blood-alcohol level of 0.43, more than five times the legal limit for an adult in Ohio. Alcohol Poisoning
University's page Michael Scrocca, 23, April 30, 2005, University of Maryland More Information Michael died after he couldn't escape a fire that began on the porch of his College Park house after a party. The offending student was arrested on arson and murder charges.  Accident- drinking associated
University's page Thomas Lee Dillon, III, May 25, 2005, University of Virginia (non student partying with student friends) More Information In October 2004 one of the UVA students, who had been one of his best friends  since grade school moved in with Lee temporarily.  On Memorial day, he and his friend Brad went to a private party at a fellow student's home.  The house was very secluded with acreage and included UVA students and young people from the area.  They had an ice luge and apparently, dares for who could drink the most from the luge.  Both boys were drinking.  Lee feel asleep and never woke up. Alcohol Poisoning
University's page Keith M. Orzech, 21, July 21, 2005, Fairleigh Dickinson University More Information After a night of drinking with friends, Keith fell through a four-story window at his Fairleigh Dickinson University dormitory.  A jury found the University equally responsible with Keith as result of FDU's failure to properly enforce the alcohol policies on its campus.  However, a New Jersey appellate court threw out the verdict citing the state’s charitable immunity statute. Accident- drinking associated
University's page Adam Boncela, July 25, 2005, Ohio State More Information Adam had a blood-alcohol content of 0.37 percent when he died on his 21st birthday Alcohol Poisoning

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