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Alcohol-Related Student Deaths-Spring 2010

Presented below is an unfortunate tabulation of alcohol related campus deaths reported in the media for the spring 2010 semester.  For every deceased student listed, at least three other college students are reported to have died, although the tragedy's connection to alcohol was unclear in media reports.

The information supplied for each victim is a tabulation of media reports. The circumstances and causes of the tragedies are summarized within the listing with more details contained in the associated link.

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University's page Jennifer "Jenna" Ness, 20, June 29, 2010, University of Montana More Information Jennifer lost her life after she slipped and fell 25 feet from a building in downtown Missoula after celebrating the birthdays of two friends.  She was scaling a fire escape and was trying to climb atop a roof behind two downtown bars when she fell and landed on her head.  Friends reported that Jennifer had been drinking before the risky climb. Accident- drinking associated
University's page John Hunter Hauck, May 3, 2010, Colorado State University More Information John partied with some friends at an off-campus house Sunday night. Police believe he was drinking beer, smoking marijuana and possibly using prescription drugs.   John’s roommates found his body at their northwest Fort Collins home Monday afternoon.  Tests showed John's blood/alcohol level to be .212. Alcohol and Drug Poisoning
University's page Yeardley Love, May 3, 2010, University of Virginia More Information Yeardley lost her life after being assaulted by a male student while apparently rejecting advances to continue a prior relationship.   The assailant had a history of violence associated with excessive use of alcohol.   Widely this widely publicized tragedy, the University and area and national media scrutinized the often deadly consequences of acquiescing to the excessive use of alcohol on many college campuses.    Assault associated with drinking
University's page Jafar B. Karzoun, 20, May 1, 2010, University of Connecticut More Information Jafar died a week after being stuck by an intoxicated nonstudent who was attending UCONN’s annual Spring Weekend.   This event has developed over the years to where more restrictions and oversight were placed on the events during the past several years, however, both students and area youth continue to regard the event as a time for unrestricted partying.  Many arrests and injuries occur, however, Jafar unfortunately paid the ultimate price. Assault associated with drinking
University's page Raven Nicole Gileau, 19, April 25, 2010, Iowa State University More Information Raven was struck by a train early Sunday after drinking at an establishment near campus with friends. Accident- drinking associated
  Caitlyn McLeod Price, 19, April 24, 2010, Appalachian State University (During trip home visiting friend attending nearby Lenoir-Rhyne University)- More Information Caitlyn attended a party with a friend during a visit home from college.  After being left with her car after the party, Caitlyn lost her life when her car crash taking a turn too fast.  Her blood/alcohol level was .04.   A student from a nearby university was arrested for providing alcohol to minors. Accident- drinking associated
University's page Matthew Hurlbutt, 22, April 4, 2010, California Polytechnic More Information Matthew lost his life when stuck by a pick-up truck while walking on the highway.   Matthew had what was described as high levels of marijuana and cocaine in his blood as well as alcohol. Accident- drinking associated
University's page Michael Dixon, March 23, 2010, University of Wisconsin Stout More Information Michael died after being struck by a car on campus.  The driver was charged with driving while intoxicated. Accident- drinking associated
  Megan Helal, 19, March 21, 2010, Navarro College (Visiting Baylor University) More Information Megan, a student at Navarro College,  had attended a Sigma Chi fraternity party at Baylor University with her boyfriend. The two also visited a bar where there was underage drinking.  At her boyfriend’s home early next morning, Megan was gasping for breath.  She later died at the hospital. Alcohol Poisoning
University's page Patrick Trainor, March 20, 2010, Purdue University More Information Patrick was last seen at a friend's party on a Saturday night.  He never returned to Purdue when expected on Monday morning.  After days of searching, Wednesday afternoon, divers discovered Patrick’s car and body in a retention pond, not far from the party's location.  His blood alcohol content was determined to be 0.19.  Accident- drinking associated
University's page Kyle Joswiak, 22, March 17, 2010, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire More Information Kyle lost his life after falling from an elevated walkway onto a parking lot.  Kyle had a blood-alcohol level of 0.257 percent at the time of activities prior to his fall. Accident- drinking associated
  Garrett Schlichtemeier, 19, March 8, 2010, Chadron State College More Information Three Chadron students were on their way to a spring break gathering in Spanish Fort and had stopped in Auburn to visit with a friend before proceeding on with their trip.  Garrett lost his life when  their car crashed.  The driver was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence. Accident- drinking associated
University's page Matthew Tembo, March 7, 2010, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg (attending a fraternity party at Carnegie Mellon University  More Information Matthew was found dead inside a Carnegie Mellon University fraternity house after emergency crews were called to the Pi Kappa Alpha house at about 1 p.m. on a Sunday.  Police said it appears Matthew drank too much at a birthday celebration. Alcohol Poisoning
  Ryan O’Donnell, March 6, 2010, Dean College (while home on spring break)-  More Information Ryan lost his life when he was a passage in a car that crashed.  His friend was charged with driving while intoxicated. Accident- drinking associated
  Ahjah Dixon, 23, March 4, 2010, Navarro College More Information After Ahjah was arrested by campus police at the college on a warrant for possession of a controlled substance, she began having problems breathing and told officers she needed some air. She was taken to a recreation yard where she asked for some water. The arrest came after reports that Ahjah wanted someone to purchase alcohol. Both residence life staff and campus police responded and saw bottles of alcohol in the room.  Drugs and alcohol are considered contributing factors in her death. Alcohol and Drug Poisoning
  Cara Lee, February 28, 2010, Orange Coast College More Information Cara lost her life on Valentine’s Day when another student driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.17 slammed into the car in which she was riding. The intoxicated driver has been charged with second degree murder in the accident. Accident- drinking associated
University's page Maximiliano Rodriguez, 21, February 28, 2010, University of Texas More Information Maximiliano was at a party in a campus apartment on the fifth floor when he accidentally fell from a balcony.  Test showed that he had a blood alcohol level of more than three times the legal limit when he fell. Accident- drinking associated
University's page Sean Kyrie Rascoe, 20,  February 27, 2010, West Virginia University More Information After leaving a bar with three friends, the students went to their vehicle parked in a campus garage.  The three others started to leave in the car and Sean apparently jumped onto the rear bumper and fell onto his head, fatally injured.  .  The driver of the car was charged with driving under the influence. Accident- drinking associated
College's page Craig Meyers, 21, February 14, 2010, Western Technical College More Information Craig was missing after attending a wedding reception at a La Crosse bowling alley, and visiting two bars on a Saturday night. A bloodhound tracked Craig’s' scent to river, where police found footprints leading out to the icy river.  Craig was determined to have had a blood alcohol level more than three times the legal limit. Accident- drinking associated
  Benjamin Quaye, February 7, 2010, UC Santa Cruz More Information Benjamin lost his life in an accident near railroad tracks where he had suffered severe head injuries.  Benjamin had recently left a bar where he had caused a disturbance which required calling the police who believe that his alcohol level contributed to the accident. Accident- drinking associated
  Amy Meron (nonstudent), February 6, 2010, Sam Houston State University (Student driver-DUI) More Information Amy lost her life when an intoxicated Sam Houston student drove the wrong way and crashed into Amy’s car.  Amy’s son and two of his friends were also in her car but fortunately survived.  The student driver’s blood-alcohol level was nearly four times the legal limit, measured at .30. Accident associated with drinking
University's page Devon Arnold, 22, February 3, 2010, Colorado State University More Information Devon was found dead railroad tracks after he had reportedly been consuming alcohol while in Denver for a Denver Nuggets game.  Authorities suggest that an intoxicated Arnold went to a rail yard in close proximity to the Pepsi Center and jumped aboard a train. Accident- drinking associated
  Dorian Varcianna,  January 31, 2010, Kennesaw State University More Information Dorian lost his life at at an off-campus fraternity party after drinking until he passed out.   Alcohol  Poisoning
University's page Joseph Hunter Green, January 22, 2010, Southern Methodist University  More Information Joseph was found dead in the former Kappa Alpha fraternity house near campus.  The fraternity’s charter was revoked after repeated violations of campus rules regarding off-campus parties.   An autopsy found that Joseph died of a mixture of alcohol and muscle-relaxing and painkilling drugs. Alcohol and Drug Poisoning
University's page Jonathan Lacina, 21, January, 22, 2010, Iowa State University More Information Jonathan was last seen leaving a friend’s apartment at 9:30 one evening after attending a party where alcohol was served.  He remained missing until mid-April when his body was found in an abandoned campus farm building.   Accident- drinking associated
University's page Julia Kathryn Gilbert, January 9, 2010, University of Oklahoma More Information After being missing for 2 days, Julia was found in her overturned car. Julia had been at a BCS National Championship watch party at a friend’s house. The State Medical Examiner determined that Julia had  ethyl alcohol concentrations of 0.14 percent in her liver and 0.24 percent in her brain. Accident- drinking associated
University's page Jeremy Stoltzfus, 22, January 8, 2010, West Virginia University More Information Jeremy lost his life when he fell backwards and struck his head on the street after leaving a party after attending the Gator Bowl in Florida.   Police reported that he was extremely intoxicated when he fell. Accident- drinking associated
University's page Kendra Walthall, 19 (non-student), January 1, 2010, University of Denver More Information Kendra fell unconscious at after consuming alcohol, prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs while at a house party near the University of Denver campus.   Authorities and neighbors described the house as a “college party house” which was the scene of numerous police interventions in the recent past. Alcohol  Poisoning

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