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Tragedy of  Missing Students


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Alcohol-Related Student Deaths-Spring 2015

Presented below is an unfortunate tabulation of alcohol related campus deaths reported in the media for the spring 2015 semester.  For every d eceased student listed, at least three other college students are reported to have died.  However since the tragedy's connection to alcohol was unclear in media reports, those are not yet included.

The information supplied for each victim is a tabulation of media reports. The circumstances and causes of the tragedies are summarized within the listing with more details contained in the associated link.

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  Robert “Bobby” S. Sontag, 20,  May 1, 2015, University of Wisconsin–River Falls More Information Robert lost is life after leaving a bar.   He was found a day after reported missing in on the Kinnickinnic River below the upper dam.  The police investigation in the aftermath focused on how Robert purchased alcohol prior to leaving the bar.
University's page William Meckling, 21, May 16, 2015, Notre Dame More Information William fell from the roof of a campus building and lost his life from the resultant injuries.  Tests showed that he had a blood-alcohol level of 0.12 percent.
  Lacie LaRose, May 3, 2015, Blinn College More Information Lacie lost her life when she was shot at a bar during a graduation party.  An argument occurred over the rules of “beer pong” with the non-student shooter.
University's page Mario Mayorga, 19, April 26, 2015, High Point University More Information Mario lost his life after being struck by a car on a busy road after leaving a cab feeling sick. The cab took him from a club in downtown Greensboro club which has a “college night” on Thursdays.  A witness claims to have seen Mario drinking at the bar and he had a fake ID along with his other identification.  Tests showed that he had a blood/alcohol level of .28.
University's page Hannah Wilson, 22, April 24, 2015, Indiana University More Information Hannah was abducted and murdered after leaving a party.   Her fate was similar to that of another IU student in 2011, Lauren Spierer, and the man arrested in connection with Hannah’s murder is as suspected that crime.  Their vulnerability was likely increased by the level of drinking occurring at the parties from which they left.
University's page Marisa Curlen, 20, April 17, 2015, James Madison University More Information Marisa lost her life after being found unconscious in a bedroom at her college sorority.  Reports stated that her demise resulted from alcohol poisoning.
  Garrett J. Norton, 21, April 4, 2015, (Nonstudent in accident involving intoxicated student driver) More Information Garrett lost his life in an automobile crash when riding in a car driven by an intoxicated Keene State College student.
University's page Charles Terreni Jr,, 18,  March 18, 2015, University of South Carolina More Information Charles was found at a off-campus home having succumbed to alcohol poisoning.  His fraternity was suspended in the aftermath.  Test showed that he had a blood alcohol level of .375.
  Benjamin Allison, 20, January 24, 2015, Illinois State University More Information Benjamin lost his life in a hit-and-run accident near his campus.  A second ISU student in custody on charges of driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident.
  Spencer Pannwitz, 20, January 24, 2015, Colorado Mesa University More Information Spencer was fatally injured when he fell from the fourth story window of a campus building.  Tests showed that he dormitory had a blood-alcohol concentration of .161 percent.
University's page Michael McClary, 19, January 10, 2015, University of Georgia More Information Michael was returning home with two friends who realized that he was unresponsive in the back seat of the car and tried unsuccessfully to wake him.  He lost his life prior to arriving at the hospital after the friends called for assistance.  Tests showed his alcohol level to be more than 3.5 times the legal limit of intoxication.
  Garrett Gagne, 22, January 1, 2015, St. Lawrence University More Information Garrett was laying in the road when a police officer ran over him on New Year’s Eve after midnight. Authorities stated that Garrett had consumed “hour after hour of alcohol” at bars and house parties while celebrating New Year’s Eve and his friends were “too impaired to be looking for him.”

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