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As is obvious from the site, gathering this information regarding these tragic situations is not a vocation, but an unfortunate need to have some good result from my daughter sad fate.  The need is partially fulfilled by accumulating and presenting evidence of the overwhelming, tragic consequences of an unacceptable situation; the prevailing alcohol culture on too many of our nation's campuses. This detracts from the academic setting and establishing a norm where getting pass-out drunk is a weekly, and even daily, practice. 

My only source of information about these incidences across the country comes from the media reports that appear on the web.  These reports effectively depict the anguish by families, friends, classmates and college personal when a tragedy occurs.  In certain situations, a concerned reporter does effective follow up articles about necessary changes that occur as result of the tragedies and when as time passes those changes are for some reason reversed.  Each article separately largely fades from the public's attention as soon as the recycling bin is empty.  By grouping the articles for each incident in this manner, the tragic, and often avoidable, loss of life is not as easily forgotten.  If one were to venture through all of the situations presented, the enormity of the problem become unavoidably evident.  

This site is intended to be purely educational.  If there were some way to profit financially from these efforts, I would not wish to hear about it.  My only possible gain from this effort is to possibly save one life from relaying the tragic experiences of Kristine and others.  Still, certain media organizations may find use of their articles verbatim in this desire to educate and inform objectionable.  If this is the case, please contact me at and I will make appropriate adjustments to the site as soon as practical, while attempting to maintain the effect of the relaying the news as previously presented to the public. Since most in the media will have, have, or had have children in college and likely have the same concerns as most parents, my hope is that the merits of this site's objective does not make this necessary.

Stephen Guest


Concerned about the drinking culture on campuses?

This site provides information as to the seriousness of the problem.


In loving Memory of Kristine Guest