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List for tragic ends before fall 2007

Listing for Fall 2007 semester


Message to the families:

In viewing these pages, three possible reactions come to mind:  1) disapproval that your son or daughter was included, 2) a bit of satisfaction that someone is finally attempting to effect change of a currently unacceptable situation, 3) a desire and need to use your concern to become involved.
All of these reactions are understandable and upon learning of your reaction appropriate action will be taken.  If your reaction is disapproval of your child's inclusion, please consider to continue lending his or her face to this terrible series of tragedies and agree to revising the content in a manner which  provides the legacy that you wish to leave for your child while maintaining the effect on others that seeing the extent of these tragic losses which are as much the result of adult failings as the consequence of youthful enthusiasm.

In an effort to make positive change, consider whether your family's experience warrants an inquiry to the US Department of Education as to whether your child's school was in compliance with the federal law.  The first such inquiry is now in process with respect to Kristine's sad fate.  With additional referrals and possible sanctions, this well intended and well written federal law may finally produce effective change.

The US Department of Education must be constantly made aware that parents know about this federal law and colleges and universities must be placed on notice that referrals will be made when the situation warrants.


Please note that my daughter, Kristine, is unfortunately included in the list.  Frankly, I do not know how I would react if I came across a similar site with her included.  However, something needs to be done to increase awareness of this unacceptable risk to the brightest of our youth.

Stephen Guest

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